Box Office Xpress Jr - Summary

Any sort of venue requiring admission will appreciate the ticket handling and sales management features of this high quality, yet economical Windows ticketing program. Box Office Xpress Junior is equipped to handle an unlimited number of pricing schemes, events, seats, orders, etc. The program's impressive array of features make it ideally suited for smaller organization* requiring reserved seating
or general admission ticketing. Larger venues, such as universities and museums, will also appreciate how the program handles large quantities of general admission sales. Box Office Xpress Junior can also be used with allocated Internet ticketing services.

* Although Box Office Xpress junior can be used in a variety of venues and with thousands of seats, venues who generally have over 1500 seats or so tend to require some of the additional features that are found in the larger Box Office Xpress program, as may highly aggressive, smaller venues. Also, venues requiring real-time Internet ticketing will want Box Office Xpress.

Key Features
Sell and print tickets fast; Keep current customer records for marketing; Includes a built-in customer database program; Categorized printing of address labels; Customize your own seating plans; An assortment of sales reports; Event sales reports also show you how many seats are sold and remaining (in numbers and percent); Instantly view a customer's sales history from the order screen; Supports reserved and general admission sales; Single user and network versions; Prints to dot matrix or thermal ticket printers; Everything is user-definable so there are no cryptic codes you need to remember; Unlimited number of ... customizable pricing schemes, series (productions), events (performances), seats, dates, times, orders, customer names, etc.

All this can be done without the aid of additional supporting programs and at a price not usually associated with highly specialized software of this caliber. Of course, these are just a few of the many features available.

Box Office Xpress Junior (the original Box Office Xpress) was the first Windows ticketing program on the market and has always been the one to beat in terms of user-friendliness. Customer feedback indicates that no other ticketing program has ever come close.

Box Office Xpress Junior runs on all versions of Windows, after and including
Windows NT4. More ...

Box Office Xpress Junior version 4 is available and can be shipped out the next day or downloaded from here.