Ticket Stock - Custom Layout Presentation

This will explain how to send us a ticket layout design that you wish to have customized and built into Box Office Xpress. Please allow approx. 1 to 3 weeks to complete the new design and incorporate it into a program update.

First Step:  Cut about an inch or more off the top and one side of a normal sheet of paper. This is so our fax will not attempt to reduce the size of your layout in order to make it fit onto a page.

Option A:  If you just need certain items in an existing layout removed.

Option B:  If you need minor adjustments made to an existing layout.

Option C:  If you need a unique design (standard 2" x 5" ticket size)

Option D:  If you need a unique design (non-standard size)

Next Step:  Make note of the make and model of ticket printer, and also indicate if it is a 200dpi or a 300dpi printer.

Last Step:  Either fax the page to us or scan it and e-mail the image to us. Click on the Contact Us link below for fax and e-mail information.

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