Ticketing Systems - Service Plans

NOTICE:  BOX Jr 2.x is no longer supported, as of Dec. 30, 2011. This is due to the age of that version as well as incompatibility with recent versions of Windows.
Visit here for information on the new features found in the most recent version of Box Office Xpress Junior.

Do I need a support plan?

Typically, no. You should be able to find all the Help you need in the software's Help System and tutorials. However, some people may find these types of resources to be inconvenient, and others may just not be comfortable with computers. As such, some may prefer to just be able to ask for help whenever they need it.

Annual Plans - How it Works
Per-Incident Support - How it Works


Annual Plans4,5,6  -  For e-mail, fax and remote assistance support  
Basic $ 400  (10 credits - equivalent to $40 for 1 e-mail support incident)
Unlimited3 Quote  (starting at $ 4000 for a small venue with up to 4 users)
Per Incident (see important terms, below)4,5,6  
(no plan) e-mail or fax incident $ 60
(no plan) phone-in incident2 We no longer offer phone support as it's very inefficient compared to our prompt email replies.
(no plan) remote assistance1,2 $ 180 per session, up to half an hour
Premium On-site Support and/or Training $ 1500 / day plus expenses

Annual Plans

How It Works

Annual plans are pre-paid. The Basic service plan allows you a certain number of credits that are applied towards technical support. Remote assistance has a higher cost factor because of what is involved (essentially, we have to set up a remote session, do the work for you, or take the time to train you). The following are the number of credits associated with each type of communication...

Credits per Incident4

  • E-mail or fax:
1 credit
  • Phone:
We no longer offer phone support as it's very inefficient compared to our prompt email replies.
  • Remote:
3 credits per session, up to half an hour

Confirmed bugs do not count as an incident. 

Basic Annual Service Plan

Unlimited Annual Service Plan3

Premium On-site Support and/or Training

Additional Charges

Damage Repair
Any physical repair to the software system that may be needed due to user error or tampering is chargeable to 'Basic' service plan holders at a minimum rate of 4 credits or the monetary, per incident equivalent. Extensive damage will result in much higher charges. 'Unlimited' service plan holders will be required to pay the monetary equivalent as this is not covered under that plan.

The most common cause of such damage is when someone believes they have the skill to directly modify the database used by the software.


Per Incident

How It Works

If you feel that you donít need a service plan or if you end up needing support for more incidents than what your chosen service plan provides (such as when you've used up all of a 'Basic' plans credits but you don't want to purchase another 'Basic' plan), you can pay per incident2. You will be invoiced per each incident.

IMPORTANT:  Terms are: Payment due on receipt and must be paid on-line via credit card or PayPal. This means that payment must be made no later than the next business day. Support is only given if your account is in good standing. If payment for support incidents is ever not paid on time, you will only be able to get future support through a pre-paid annual support plan, and never again on a per-incident basis.

More information on Support


Existing customers can optionally renew their annual tech support plan by contacting us, or by using the Annual Tech Support Renewal order form.

1 Remote assistance is where, by Internet connection, we take control of your computer to either determine how an issue is occurring, or to provide a real-time demonstration of a feature. If a session exceeds the allotted time, additional credits are charged for the next time allotment.

2 Remote assistances needs to be scheduled in advance. Unless otherwise stated, Remote assistance is not included with promo support plans.

3 Unlimited Annual Service Plans are intended for questions to be asked once. Repeatedly asking the same questions is considered abuse of the plan and may result in termination of the plan. It is expected that the customer will document each question and its answer so that all users will have access to the questions and answers. This policy is not super strict, as some duplication of questions would be considered acceptable (within the support person's discretion).

4 An incident is a specific topic question. For example, if your e-mail has 3 questions, then that is generally considered 3 incidents. A follow-up question on the same topic may still be considered the same incident. It is up to the discretion of the support person to determine if more than one question is directly related to the specific topic. Unused credits do not roll over to the next year. Confirmed bugs do not count as an incident.

5 Repairing user-created damage is subject to additional charges. See above topic, Damage Repair.

6 Questions (incidents) concerning problems not specific to our software (such as setting up a network, Windows, or other programs) are charged at double the rate.