Box Office Xpress Jr - Screen Shots

These are screen shots of the more common components of Box Office Xpress Junior. If you would like to focus on the new features of the latest version, see what's new here.

Box Office Xpress Junior is an extremely user friendly computer program that provides a box office with the tools it needs to efficiently perform sales and marketing tasks. The program focuses on fulfilling these key functions …

All this can be done without the aid of additional supporting programs and at a price not usually associated with highly specialized software of this caliber.

The seat selector. One of the many point & click screens you'll see on this page. Note the printable patron list and seating plan functions (considered to be one of the gems found in Box Office Xpress Junior).

Seat Selector (click on the image to enlarge it)


Throughout the several years of use by numerous organizations, Box Office Xpress has had considerable enhancements made to it based on customer requests. When you order Box Office Xpress Junior, you will receive a fully functional, user-friendly program that includes the HTML Help system.

HTML Help System

To make life even easier, when you are first getting started, there is a tutorial that guides you through the process of setting up your system.

Step-by-Step Tutorial


And, as if that wasn't enough, we also created a series of video tutorials so that you can watch the program in action and listen as the many functions are fully described.

  Video Tutorials

Features and Functions

So, what are some of the great features found in Box Office Xpress Junior? Here is a little taste …

Box Office Xpress Junior offers extremely versatile features. For example, theatres can select specific seats for an order or they can just sell general admission tickets. Payment methods, pricing and events are listed and can be easily selected by a click of the mouse.

You can also specify what events apply to what pricing schemes. One method of accomplishing this is to specify a range of days based on a specific time of day that a event must fall under to be eligible for certain pricing schemes.

Pricing can be based on grouped events

The resulting group can then be used in a pricing scheme of your own design.

Pricing schemes

Create your own user codes to block access to all or part of the program.

Program Access (user passwords)

Box Office Xpress prints to thermal ticket printers, as well as dot matrix (form-fed) printers and Epson TM-T88x thermal receipt printers. There are several ticket layouts to choose from. This is primarily evident with thermal tickets where you can view several layouts on the screen. Also Corporate Consultants can customize a ticket style for you.

Ticket setup

To make mailing out ticket orders, such as subscriptions, even easier, you can optionally print out an address ticket with each order (only available with thermal ticket printers). The program allows you to design the address ticket so that it, along with the regular tickets, can be dropped into a small windowed envelope, ready for mailing.

Address ticket

You can also add up to three lines of miscellaneous text to each ticket. The text can be used for special information, sponsor recognition, etc., and can optionally vary from event to event or from series to series.

Additional ticket information

Due to the importance of effective marketing strategies, you can print customer address labels and contact lists based on various criteria.

Address labels

Extensive Flexibility

You can have as many prices and pricing schemes as you want. In addition, each pricing scheme is user-definable (you can name it what you want, such as Weekday Subscriptions). These pricing schemes can be based on different categories, including Single, Subscription, Voucher, Flex Pass and Membership. You can use these categories as often as you want. For example, you could have 6 pricing schemes under the subscription category (1 based on any of the events, the other 5 based on specific events or series, or events that occur during a specific time). Each pricing scheme can have up to 5 user-definable pricing types (typically child, student, adult, etc.) plus a complimentary (free) type. In addition to all this, you can add a separate fee based on each pricing scheme.

There are also user-definable discounts. Examples may be seniors getting 15% off, or students get $3.00 off. These discounts can be applied to the entire order, or to specific price types. As an example scenario ... An order of 2 adults and 2 students, may get a $3 discount on each of the two student tickets if they came in with a special student graduation discount coupon.

There are the optional fees that can be applied to each type of payment method.

You can also have an additional two percentage fees that could be used for something such as taxes.

As you can see, the word user-definable is everywhere and is a sample of Box Office Xpress Junior's flexibility. This also applies to other segments of the program such as events, user passwords, seating plans and more.

When setting up your season, you can create an unlimited number of series, events, dates and times. To save a lot of typing, you enter the series names first (on which the events are based). When creating events, you then select the series name, followed by the date, time and other optional info. After you have created your first couple of events, you will start to find that the process begins to move along very rapidly.

Event setup

Easily create and edit your own seating plan. Even make a dinner theatre arrangement. You can utilize up to 875 seats in a seating section (25 rows x 35 seats across grid), and you can create as many seating sections as you need. Each section can be easily selected when selling tickets and you can sell across multiple seating sections within a single order.

Seating plan design


Selling tickets is an extremely easy process with Box Office Xpress.

Point and click easy! Search for a customer by typing as little as the last 4 digits of their phone #, select the pricing scheme, select an event, select the quantity of seats and method of payment, and (if it's not a general admission order) select the specific seats.

Order screen   Seat selection

View, add to, delete, refund, change a hold into an order, and change seating ... all from the handy Order Details window.

Order Details

View and print out the detailed sales results by day, month, series, event or customer. You can also view the percentage and number of seats sold and still available by event and series. Other reports are also included such as the customer sales history and much more. An abbreviated version of the customer's activities can also be easily found in the Customer section of the Order screen.

Sales report generator


Single-User and Multi-User (network) Versions

Box Office Xpress Junior is available in both a single user version (for installing on one computer), and a multi-user network version as well (referred to as a "site license"). With a site license, multiple box office people can take orders and print tickets at the same time. We don't put a limit on the number of users.

Why does Box Office Xpress Junior cost so little (or so much)?

Those who have investigate the ticketing software programs available understand that prices can reach tens of thousands of dollars for ticketing software. It then becomes apparent the Box Office Xpress Junior is extremely inexpensive for a specialty niche market product. Obviously, because we don't sell hundreds of thousands of units, it can't be priced at $59.95. Considering we sell only a couple per month, and the program is constantly under development with new features always being added, the actual price is a huge bargain!